The Villa Vallila Association runs a community home bearing its name in Červený Újezd near Votice in southern Bohemia that provides protected living quarters and service of respite to people with disabilities of mental or social nature.

Mission Statement of the Villa Vallila Association:

To offer a refuge for handicapped people who are in danger of social exclusion in order to make these people self standing individuals who are capable of integration into normal social and working environment.


Aims of the Villa Vallila Association:

• Provision of protected living quarters

• Provision of the service of respite

• Organizing useful vocational programmes, finding job opportunities and supporting integration of clients into society

• Participating in cultural life of local community and development of civil society in the region


Protected Living Quarters

The Villa Vallila community home provides lodging, board and round the clock assistance to persons who – owing to their physical or mental deficiencies – are not capable fully to take care of themselves.

The capacity is 10 persons.


Service of Respite

Service of respite is meant to allow family or other persons who normally look after young people with disability to have some time for recuperation by providing accommodation for their relatives or wards in Villa Vallila.

The length of the stay depends on the needs of their family and available capacity. Mostly it lasts 1 – 4 weeks. In case of these clients the focus is on employing them in household maintainance, cooking and gardening. If suitable a short therapies (art therapy, therapy by music) are applied as complementary treatment.

There are two places available for this service.



The Villa Vallia Association consists of people who decided to build a community house to shelter young people that are in need of some assistance before gaining social skills necessary for integration into society.

In 1998 they bought a decrepit building in southern Bohemia that had been owned by a Finnish family Vallila. That is why they decided to call it Villa Vallila. After buying it the association had the building repaired, refurbished and set into operation. You can observe transformation of the house over time in photo gallery.

The first inhabitants arrived in 2001. Today there are 10 young people afflicted by various problems and with various needs. Most of them grew up in dysfunctional families or without any family at all. In the Villa Vallila community they are learning to live in natural relationships with their coevals and assistants, to solve sundry personal problems, to cook and run a household. Finally they are learning various skills to be able to acquire and keep a job in today´s marketplace.

Big house and extensive gardens naturally offer many opportunities for work. In the gardens vegetables and plants are grown with some parts used as pasture for goats and sheep that constitute the base of our farm. Inhabitants of the Villa both work there and enjoy fruits of their labour.

Recent time has seen a growth in cooperation with local community regarding public works. Young people from Villa participate in seasonal activities in the village and surrounding area – cleaning public spaces, pruning trees, repairing church building and small calvary statues.

As of now the Association considers constructing additional protected quarters.


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